Andrew Milligan
Head of Global Strategy


1. Your keynote will be focused on the potential impact of political tumult on the financial markets, now that over a year has passed since the Brexit vote and Trump has been in office for over six months, do you think people are right to be concerned or are their fears overblown?


Investors are watching the Brexit process closely as they know the outcomes matter a great deal for the success of business models, exports, taxes, currencies and asset prices. It is important to put Brexit into context, however, as it is a side issue compared with, for example, the effect on markets of the end to QE, the success of China in dealing with its debt burden, or the ability of OPEC to control the oil price - as just a few examples of other risks facing investors.


2. What are you looking forward to learning about at the liquidity and funding conference?


The rise of fin tech, machine learning, automation, new technologies - all these are of growing importance to all market participants.


3. Having attended, and spoken at, our conferences in the past, what can delegates expect at a Risk conference?


The clue is in the title - risk. My working career has been trying to understand, forecast, anticipate, and mitigate a series of risks which could materially affect our clients. I hope this conference will help that process.